108 Prayers
of Peace

Daily Ceremony
For Mother Earth​

108 Prayers
of Peace

Daily Ceremony
For Mother Earth

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Connect To Nature

How can we find the motivation to protect our Planet Earth if we don’t have a relationship with it?

I call upon all of life to reconnect and spend time connecting in the sacred nature all around us.

Every day for 108 days, I will pray in nature and offer it live online as an invitation to all, to go and make yourself available to the joyous magic that it is to be in gratitude in nature. 

Tune in, pray, play, set intentions, connect with the trees and the animals, the humans and elements, the sun, and the waters.

Express your gratitude to the mother that feeds us from her body every day. Express your gratitude for whatever name you call the All-Pervading Love of the Universe.

You don’t need to know how, simply go in nature and make yourself available to grace.

Invite your ceremony or prayer to be from the heart, profound and spontaneous. Or perhaps from the heart and planned.

Show up in your authenticity and cradle your pain or joy, or grief or anger, or fear or hatred. 

Cradle your traumas and addictions and triumphs and compassion at the heart of the sacred medicine that is the Earth.